Rail PNR Status SMS or Email

Get Your PNR Status on your Mobile

What is Rail PNR Status?
Rail PNR Status is a free and easy way to keep update yourself about PNR status and train schedule by SMS and/or Email.

How it works?
You provide us PNR with mobile no and/or email id.
We keep track of your PNR status and Train schedule.
We notify you on any PNR status and Train schedule changes by SMS and/or Email.

Why is it required?
Rail PNR Status serves the user by providing alerts on PNR status and Train Schedule changes. It eliminates user’s efforts of frequent status checks.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Online PNR status checks are becoming increasingly popular these days because of such helpful sites.


  2. Getpnrstatus says:

    Very useful. Now to Get PNR status you need to do a bit of maths to solve the captcha question. And it’s not as easy as ‘1+2 = ?’


  3. ironishaisabel says:

    very informative post thanks for sharing about getting pnr status through sms


  4. PNR Live Status says:

    Nice blog share more valuable information to check the PNR no of the trains visit PNR Live Status


  5. PNR Status says:

    Nice service providing Indian Railways

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  6. A lot of people already do this service. pnr.me along with pnr status check, gives you pnr prediction too. It has a pretty good accuracy too

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  7. John says:

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource. I appreciate your effort, this resource is really useful for me as well as everyone. I hope you will keep sharing such information in future.


    1. toshimehta says:

      Thanks for liking the post. Wi surely keep uploading latest information. Stay tuned till then 🙂


  8. rajkumbh says:

    There are a lot of PNR Status checking website available, it is best way to find the PNR status through mobile. Thanks for amazing information.

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  9. pnr status says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing this…

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  10. Savita says:

    One can also use internet as there are many sites to see PNR status these days.

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  11. justin says:

    whats your security measures on PNR anone can travel and smuggle weapons/drugs/explosives anywhere between san fernando to legaspi city.not very hard to do.LRT MRT are tightly monitored how can u assure the public of safety?


    1. It is very easy to get PNR status on your mobile great service by IRCTC.


  12. Rose says:

    I have booked a ticket while round across India, but without paying to TT I think its very difficult task to get your seat confirmed, PNR status if IRCtC website is not more than a Joke, I have register my complaint with railway officials and also with the consumer court India, but shocked to see too many complaints against the irctc people, just visit http://www.consumercourt.in/railways/57774-pnr-status-pnr-status-complaint.html and give me the reply what’s going on while the India Railway, we should raise our voice against them.


  13. Swpanil says:

    Thanks for sharing it on ur blog. Do provide us ur valuable feedback too.


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