Boost Your Profits through Employee Engagement Activities

Employee engagement is not one and the same thing as employee satisfaction. This is indeed a very common misconception.

Employee engagement is one step ahead of employee satisfaction and it is generally defined as follows:

“Employee engagement is a business management concept.”

 An engaged employee is someone who:

1.   Has a belief in the business organization

2.   Does the right things to make the business prosper

3.   Understands the business concepts and gets the bigger picture

4.   Is respectful towards colleagues

5.   Is willing to go the extra mile for the sake of the organization

Employee engagement activities for business organizations

Before you attempt to get started with employee engagement activities, you should perhaps understand why this business concept is important. Employee engagement within any business organization is absolutely essential for the simple reason that it is inextricably linked to your business results. As a matter of fact, employee engagement can be taken to be directly proportional to the growth and success of an organization.

Useful ongoing employee engagement activities

There are a number of things you can do to make your employees feel engaged with the overall performance of the business they work for. You can choose to make posts every week or every month keeping your employees up-to-date with what is happening around them or you can go the extra mile with your employee engagement activities, setting up things such as real-time tracking of the company’s progress online or even bringing into existence an employee suggestion system. Putting up press conferences on a platform accessible to all and face-to-face communication with your staff members can also prove to be useful employee engagement activities. Business owners often forget this but business is not a one-man show.

As a business owner or even a manager for that matter, you need to know your employees and you need to listen to their ideas, acting on their contributions.

Special employee engagement activities once in a while

 1. Family employee engagement activities

These are perhaps the most promising employee engagement activities. Bring your employees together for a magnificent night out together with their families or do that extra little bit giving your employees a day off for their birthday or even anniversary for that matter. It will hardly cause the downfall of your business. On the other hand, it will make the employees feel like they belong and they will do what it takes to make the business flourish.

 2. Introduce employee engagement activities at work

Provide meditation and play courts for the people who work for you to help them combat stress and that kind of thing. It will undoubtedly cost you a few thousands of dollars but then you can expect a lot more than that in return. Employee engagement activities are absolutely essential if you want your employees to truly engage in what they do.

 3. Awards for high achievers

You can also introduce employee engagement activities such as spotlight awards for the employees who outdo themselves for the sake of the business organization. This is truly beneficial in the sense that not only do you reward and acknowledge the hard work of some of your staff members; you also encourage others to do as much. Obviously, if you do choose to go for such employee engagement activities, you need to make sure you keep things healthy. Perhaps the one thing employees absolutely hate is unfair treatments.

 4.  Festivals

If you have a rather diverse employee body culturally, one of the best things you can do in terms of employee engagement activities is organize parties to celebrate the different festivals you know of showing no discrimination whatsoever. Celebrate Eid as you would Christmas and this will keep your employees united and happy.


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