Are really CEOs getting Paid More????

A stammering economy and slowing profit growth means company bosses’ pays are unconvincingly raising fast this year as in 2010, but objections from politicians and dissatisfied shareholders over executive rewards are not going away.

If anything, the heat is increasing.

Britain, is measuring new ways to harness excessive salaries and bonuses; European and U.S. officials are aiming for more revealing; and Australia has just passed tough new rules that could force board resignations.

It will not be surprising to note the gap between the top and bottom on pay is largest in US, the average CEO’s earning is 142 times that of subordinates, according to the researches. CEOs in Britain are pulling in 69 times more than their workforces while Sweden has an fair difference of 34 times.

After the interruption of the recession, the gap between the Top and the bottom is getting wider.

At a time of asceticism, it does stand out as being glaring in particular. If the current situation goes on then by 2030 remuneration inequality will reach levels of differences not seen since Victorian times. Comprehended excesses, especially in the banking sector, the numbers aren’t good certainly.

While this year’s wages increases may be lower, many CEOs still stand to benefit from share options granted in the depths of the downturn when stock prices were far lower.

Companies argue that pay policies are more tightly tied to performance than ever, but dissident shareholders — still a minority — are growing frustrated.

“This isn’t just about shareholders letting off a bit of steam. This is about shareholders having serious concerns about the linkage between strategy and stratospheric pay,” said Sarah Wilson, chief executive of Manifest.



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  1. zan15 says:

    I think this was bound to have happened. Recession only affects middle and lower segments. The higher segment remains untouched.. rather they always find a way to gain from such situation.


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