Eat Well, Live Well: A 3 Stage Diet Plans

There are a thousand of Weight lose plans available, in the form of books, websites and other products. But it’s entirely your personal decision upon what do you wish to trust and go with. Here is a diet plan that is really very common, simple and healthy way to lose weight. It is carved up in 3 stages:

1. Everyone knows, while you consume anything to eat, it generates calories in your body and anything you do burns up that calories. Now you will ask if, our body is doing this, what is the need to read about the diet plans to lose weight? It’s because this is the case only if, you have the same amount of calories to match up the amount of calories that burns out. But, it is not easy to happen. So, to look healthy and fit is to maintain the level of calories you consume and burn. In easy words to understand, the amount of calories you consume each day will maintain your present weight, that’s your balance level and if your diet plan matches to the level, your body will not put on weight but, mark my words that if, your diet plan is made of less calories then, gradually you’ll lose you weight. Now your thought process started, are you concluding with the idea that now you need to eat less and reduce your calories by starving on anything you take as food? Wrong. Because thus, you will only lose muscles not fat. Why don’t you think on the other prospective of working out more to let your body burn out, what you are gaining in the form of Fat?

2. The second stage is, to make you design your own diet plan. The first step is to calculate your daily diet balance level. To do so you can take help of many online calories calculators and get the amount of calories according to your sex, weight, height and age. You can do so even by weighing yourself daily and keeping records of your weight by having certain amount of calories each day. Now after getting the amount of calories your body requires, what you need to do is to reduce 500 out of the amount e.g. if your body requires 3500 calories just deduct 500 and you’ll get 3000 calories, and now divide it into 5-6 small meals instead of having 1 to 3 large meals. This will speed up your metabolism process. But remember that, the calories you gain must come from right sources of food, such as:

a) Proteins: nuts, beans, milk, fish, eggs etc. on an average of 0.5 grams per pound weight.
b) Fats: Fish, nut, olive oil etc. about 25% of calories from Fat.
c) Carbohydrates: brown rice, beans, oat and wheat meals etc. the balance of required calories after deducting fats and proteins, must be filled with carbs.

3. The third and last stage is to maintain your Diet, in the way it was started and to measure your weight regularly.


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