Reduce Weight Effectively: Tips to Lose Weight

To loss weight fast is just like a challenge. You can find fast weight loss tips easily available. Here are the 10 very simple and safe tips given below after all everyone likes to look in shape and fit:

1. Calculate Your Intake Calories: To do so you can use many online available tools. Or you can just follow a simple calculation:

  • Weight(lbs) x 15 + (daily avg. activity (in min. per day) x 3.5 – 500 calories

Your Weight is : 150 pounds
Avg. Activity per day : 30 min.

(150 x 15) + (30 x 3.5) = 2250 + 105 = 2355 – 500 = 1855

Thus, to lose 1 lbs week you are to target 1855 calories.

2. Eat a lot of Pulses, Whole Grains, Fruits and Vegetables: The fruits like berries, oranges and lime are full of vitamin C, fiber and supplier of healthy carbohydrates as well. Similarly, vegetables like lemon, carrot, spinch, broccoli, green beans etc.

3. Observe the size of you meal: In you diet you are prescribed to eat certain group of foods? Id doesn’t mean that you can eat them as much as possible. You must have balanced and calculated calories only. Never overeat.

4. Avoid Starving and have multiple short meals: Dieting is never meant to starve you hard. Have 5-6 short meals instead of eating everything in 1 to 3 meals only.

5. Buy and Eat Fresh Eatables: Always avoid buying on packed eatables and eating fast food as they contain higher fat, harmful carbohydrates and calories. Let the fresh food be a part of your everyday meal, cook then at home and eat then fresh.

6. Never fall on Myths: We are so much involved in losing our weight we do anything or everything comes in way and trust all we pass through for example:
a) Not late Night eating: No it’s nowhere proved. A diet is always designed in keeping view of a 24 hours cycle. If you consume few calories at day can even have some at night.
b) Fat only raises weight: Wrong Fish oil is full of fats, it’s upon the kind of fat you’re taking.
c) Pills can loss weight

7. Read the product Labels: This mandatory for the packed food producers to mention about ingredients and calories in a particular packed food product. Always read what they are claiming. A sugar free product is not necessary to have low calories every time.

8. Keep a record of you diet: This is advisable to keep a record of what you eat at what time. This will equip you review you food pattern and you can alter them easily.

9. Exercise regularly not excessively: The most important tip is exercise to let your body burn fat. That doesn’t mean that you need to exercise overly, the recommended time for exercise if 20 to 30 min.

10. Drink Water: Instead of drinking tea, coffee and cold drinks drink water, it makes you feel full. On average we must drink


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