Talent Acquisition: Top 10 Social Media Hiring Techniques

The period from April to July is mostly known as the pick period in India to hire people. The same is a scenario out of India during the month from January to April to look for the talented resources. However, there is nothing as such pick period for HR Professionals. They have to be ready with the resources and keep on preparing the pipe line of back-up resources ready all the year long. Talent Acquisition, hiring, recruitment all are the terms used over the time by HR professionals. The trends of traditional hiring have totally ventured into new paradigm. Hiring from online job portals is no more the only option available the increased usage of social media tools has made it more innovative to hire the top niche, and most tricky technical professionals with the use of Social Media. Now, we see every now and then some new social media site comes up.

However, this post will show some very innovative and rarely heard but most used social networking web tools that can really add value to your talent acquisition techniques. There some most popular 30 Social Networking Tools for recruiting talent and some very well know brand companies are using then as an effective talent Acquisition strategy.

  1. www.icims.com

It is a paid site, where Big Brands like Hertz, TRUMP, esurance, etc are registered. It has advanced sourcing and hiring tools along with innovative new employee engagement tools. Special professional social networking and candidate screening tools are the additional features of this site.

  1. www.glassdoor.com

It is a very popular and free social media hiring technique. Companies from mid to large size are having membership here and employers/HRs can provide company information, candidates’ activities, and also a graphical presentation of the talent pool. Names of few membership companies are Walmart, Nestle, H&R Block, etc.

  1. www.smartrecruiters.com

This is also a free social media technique to attract talent pool. Companies like Frank & Oak, White Pages, The ONION, etc are registered here. Once registered you can post make the jobs posting, connect to the prospective candidates, create job ads, source candidates by leveraging Facebook and also hire people through mobile recruitment tools.

  1. www.joberate.com

This is again a free website, where HRs can do social networking with prospective talented resourcing and track their latest activities. This enables to pinch hire at the right time about the profile vacant with you. Companies like Jaguar, Virgin Mobile, British Airways, etc are in membership with this Social Media Hiring tool.

  1. www.theresumator.com

It is a paid web hiring tool that has many advantageous and effectively hiring tools.  With its help you can manage the job positing and share the vacancies on Facebook as well. The enterprise firms like Obama Biden, Omney Ryan, etc are registered here.

  1. www.about.me

The small to mid size companies like Genius Recruiter, AIRS, etc are the members here. Being a free website it provides limited but very advanced tools such as search through names, and tags based on skill sets. It has some limited features however, can work as an effective tool to build up the experienced and talented resource pool.

  1. www.branchout.com

Any user having the presence over facebook can register here and get connected through the talented resources.  Six Flags, UBS, Ralph Lauren, etc are the membership companies with branchout.com

  1. www.hirevue.com

An innovative online talent hiring technique that eases digital screening and sourcing features of candidate recruitment process. Employers can give real time rating to the candidates after interview. Employers with the need to have the organized online interviews, CRM and ATS Solutions can get registered here. It is a paid site and companies like Dunkin Donuts, RedBull, Living Social are registered here.

  1. www.tweetmyjobs.com

Make the job distribution so immediate and effective was never earlier possible. Here after registering wit nominal memebership fees, you can post the jobs via most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and website as well. Corporate giants like AT&T, GEICO, etc are registered here.

  1. http://business.linkedIn.com/talent-solutions/products/recruiter.html

You can expand the candidate search by using the professional talent hiring services offered by LinkedIn. It is a paid service that facilitates its Member companies to post multiple jobs and contact the candidates available on LinkedIn Network.

Do Social Media Tools Really Work??

Having almost 9 years of experience in HR, I would be the first person to admit that social media hiring or hiring through social networking may or may not be the technique to hire the right talent.  Most of the surveys have clearly shown professionals not liking about getting job offers through social networking websites, like, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The stats show, that almost 90% professionals said they never got connected through recruiter via social media sites. However, surveys also show that recruitment through Social Media is going to go up by 69% and if you count yourself in this 69% then the above given social media hiring techniques are really gonna be worthy for you.

All the Best for Hiring!!!


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