Know More About Writing The Life-Stories

Writing the biography is an art of blending memoir with the creativity in a form of life story. Life stories are for life time and the one will last for the future generations. Here, I’ve some very interesting and amazing tips that will show the techniques to create life stories in a unique way.

The Various Formats of Life-Story Writings

If, you are writing the life-story, it is very essential to understand the difference between the memoir and autobiography. The Memoir is more of the emotion-based story while the autobiography is fact-based story of self. So for anyone who is starting to write about own life it is important to know the various forms of story writing. There can be many forms in Autobiographies and mostly they include the intimate writings which were never been published such as letters, memoirs, diaries, and recollections. The most interesting thing to know about the autobiography is that it isn’t necessarily has to be real, it may be written in a fictional manner.

While Memoir is a form of story writing that will be emerged from the recent personal experiences. Memoirs being more emotional will have mostly the feelings, personal point of view and memories. Generally the Memoirs are written with a focus on emotional moments of life. In broader point of view, Autobiographies are written after research, factual data, and historical moments of life while the Memoirs are mostly a collection of the memories that one can recollects from own past.

Where, Autobiography covers a long time period Memoir is usually a collection of small events and series. The writers in memoirs mostly ponder the past events. In memoirs mostly it is noticed that while writing the writer usually has therapeutic effect. Autobiographies are based on the fact and truthful discoveries of life or the life discovering truth.

Another form of story writing and recording is known as audio-video recording or just an audio and just a video recording of the past memories, events and history.

Blending Technology with Art

Yes, in the same way as traditionally histories, memories, and past incidents can be covered, the technology has given additional advantage of having the Web-based life stories covered. This is an emerging, trendy and more recent way of creating the life-stories. Writing life stories was never so easy and creative. This is made possible now, and you can get the online memoire and web-based life-story created. Just like a book, the web-based life-story will be convenient and additionally you can add multimedia effects, images, audio, visuals, etc. created. So if you want to have your own personal life-story writing done, don’t just wait get the online web-based life memories created. The amazing advantage is that you can share the online life-story with your loved ones and friends so easily and make your memories more beautiful.


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