About Me & My Blog

A Human Resource professional having passion for writing.
Did my honors in English, Post Graduation in HR, Masters in Psychology and Diploma in Web Designing.

Who I am??

1. Flourished and fluent communicator.
2. Fond or learning, reading, experimenting and writing about nature, human and internet.
3. Good at analytical and problem solving.
4. Self –motivated to write and do my work within the provided deadlines.
5. Remarkable self and people management professional.

Since a very young of age I’ve started writing. My passion for writing has given shape to my profession in a way that I can easily understand the human nature and can relate them well.

My profession and my hobby both are interrelated and I can’t only be with one. My HR and Writing skills go hand by hand.

Thus, I am a HR person by profession and writer by choice.

Me, Writing & HR

Once I was just thinking and a question came out of my mind, “How would you confirm or prove that you are a writer? Is that just the counts of pages you have written or word count?”

This made me think for a while, suddenly the answer struck that writing is the part of who am I as a person.  The fact is that if I count my pages and words I go mad of all. Because, I can’t even justify for how can I write this much?  I write daily not because I have to but because I can’t sleep without it.

My HR and Writing knowledge go hand by hand.

As a writer: I’m a person, who writes about what is good and what is bad, I write about life and about death, about smiles about tears, I write about today and about past. I just share my thoughts by writing. I have always been fascinated towards writing since my childhood I can still remember when I started writing Dairy in my childhood. Since then I have not only written my own personal experiences with life but some poems, critical notes, short stories, some psychological tips and lot more.

I did my honors in English and when I left my college, I was not sure about my career, though when I look back I can find the answer just a step ahead. I just moved on aimlessly for few months before being the Human Resource Professional.
As a seasoned HR Professional, I’ve been the part of top management and involved in the organizational level of strategic decisions as well. But along with my profession, I am working for myself as writer to satisfy my passion for writing.

So you can say that I am HR by profession and writer by choice.

Some of the websites where I’ve contributed my content work are given below:


What is this Blog for??

Dear Readers

In my blog you will find everything you seek for including the relationship advice, Fitness and beauty tips, suggestions on what to read, how to write, balancing work and life, psychological issues and many more. The amazing part which makes my blog stand out of others is that all that I will be blogging is based on my personal experience.

So I would suggest if you have anything that you want to ask me just post in the comments and I shall get back as soon as possible.

So enjoy reading and keep sharing your views and feedback.

Happy Reading.