Reading Recommendations

Ten Must Read Books for English Literature Students

It is naturally very important for students of Literature to develop a good taste of reading. However, it will be a matter of choice in case you have any particular genre in mind it will also vary depending on the location where you are pursuing your degree in Literature from. Depending on the syllabus you may end up studying certain books while you may not even know some most read and best seller books.

No matter, whatever is your syllabus or taste of reading there are following ten books I being a literature student myself recommend to study if you have interest in English Literature.

  1. Pride and Prejudice

Written by Jane Austen, this book is a romantic novel. The book has the story of Elizabeth Bennet who keeps prejudice and accordingly takes the decision.

  1. Jane Eyre

Written by Charlotte Brontë, this is literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the agonist, Jane Eyre from youth to adulthood.

  1. Hamlet

Written by William Shakespeare Hamlet is the tragedy play depicts the revenge of Prince Hamlet of Denmark on his uncle Claudius who was murdered by Prince’s father King Hamlet. Although all that Shakespeare has written is the worth reading for all literature students Hamlet is the magnum opus of all.

  1. Great Expectations

Written by Charles Dickens, this is a bildungsroman like Jane Eyre that shown the struggle of Pip who is an Orphan. Though Charles Dickens has given many literary outputs which are worth reading, Great Expectations is the magnum opus of all.

  1. Dalloway

This novel is written by Virginia Woolf. This novel moves around the life of Clarissa Dalloway who is a high society woman in London. This is the perfect example of modernism of that time of period post World War-I.

  1. The Great Gatsby

This is a fictional novel written by Scott Fitzgerald. The lead character of the novel is Jay Gatsby from 1920s. You will be shown the modern classic life style and stress of that olden time.

  1. Lord of the Flies

The Nobel Prize winner William Golding is the author of this allegorical novel.  This Novel is about a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempt to govern themselves.

  1. 1984

This fictional novel written by George Orwell, is all about the freedom, censorship, the media and social control. This is a good book to preserve for and keep in your library or personal book collection.

  1. A Streetcar Named Desire

This Gothic fiction play is written by Tennessee Williams which is also awarded with Pulitzer Prize. This story is about reality, desire and madness vs truth, deceit and appearances.

  1. Little Women

Written by Louise May Alcott, this novel is about the journey of four March sisters from childhood to womanhood and is likely to impress the readers of all ages. The description of the character in the Novel is the best thing to read in.


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