With my Pen

Who Is Your Best Friend

As you sit in silence, wondering why.
You can keep your head on my shoulder to cry,
until your tears get dry.

Whenever you feel hurt, unable to know the reason,
And you need someone to talk, I’ll be the one.

If anyone hurts you because they just misunderstand
Remember I’m always there to render a helping hand.

To whom all your sorrows you can lend.
Never forget that’s the only best friend.

This to all my writer friends….

Beware of self-lunacy.

The woo surrounding the writing profession has several misconceptions: that writer has to suffer to be creative; that writer must be obstinate and exceptionable to be bright; that ego is predominant over skill; that writer can reach to a position from where writer can tell the reader to go to hell. These myths, if considered, can ruin any writer. If you consider you can make a living as a writer, but then you need to have enough ego.

Written By: Toshi Mehta