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Super hit Action Romance Movies of Shahrukh Khan 

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The King Khan Shahrukh is known as the romantic hero of Bollywood having the international fame and appreciation for his contribution to Hindi Cinema. His romantic personality has got him renowned as King of Romance. The image of Shahrukh being romantic hero is not only limited, he is also known for his action movies equally. Shahrukh has done more than 50 Hindi films and out of them almost 19 are the action movies.

Shahrukh’s first action movie was released in 1992, Deevane with Rishi Kapoor and Divya Bharti and his last action movie was Chennai Express starring Deepika Padukon. During the shooting of Chennai Express Shahrukh got injured and it was expected that he will say good bye to the action movies now. But Shahrukh just surprised his action movie fans saying that, “I am fit enough now to do action films again.”

Some Amazing Notes on Shahrukh’s Action Movies

  • Shahrukh starred highest appreciated action movie is Pardesh released in 1997.
  • Highest profitable Action Movie of Shahrukh Khan is Chennai express, making the gross business of worth $3,597,372 directed by Rohit Shetty who is known for his direction in action movies.
  • The most unprofitable or can say the biggest flop show movie of Shahrukh is Josh, released in 2000. The movie only made the business worth $426,           318.
  • If calculated, the total box office of all the action movies of Shahrukh Khan will be $7,740,520

The list of Shahrukh’s Action film will be inclusive of Darr, Baazigar, Army,Deewana,  Chahat, Ram Jaane, Duplicate, Josh, One 2 Ka 4, Koyla, Ashoka, Karan Arjun, Main Hoo Na, Don, Pardesh, Baadsha, Ra-One, and many more.

Shahrukh started his Bollywood career by starring in the negative roles in Darr and Baazigar. However, he has developed the image of being fit in the frame of romantic hero even after acting in negative roles in both super duper hit Bollywood movies of its time. And then movies after movies made him shine as the rising star in Bollywood industry. Don movie of Shahrukh is one of the most in demand action movies of Shahrukh Khan, even the sequels of this movie are released and hit the box office.

Shah has not muscular body like the other competitive Khan, Salman Khan or in that term Amir Khan as well however, he does not have any regret of it. In fact he accepts that he doesn’t want to have the muscular body at all. “I never wanted to be muscular. Everybody has a body type. I have nice, lean long muscles. I am happy with them. I don’t like to show off. By March I need to be thin, I want to do it. I am working out every day. I want to be fit,” he said.

Though Shahrukh’s Action movie flicks have not received much fame as other actors in competition such as Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Amir Khan, however the record breaking box office performance of Chennai Express has broken all the notions. And the viewers are appreciating Shahrukh’s Action Romantic Hero personality now.

Going forward we are expecting Shahrukh to come up with more Action oriented movies in future.


Top Ten Celebrities Who have Younger Life Partners

Farah Khan Shirish Kunder


The former choreographer and now, Director-Actor Farah Khan is married to Shirish Kunder who is 8 years younger to Farah. They met at the sets of “Mai Hoo Na” which was a debut directorial of Farah and Shirish was the Editor of movie. They fall in love and decided to get marry in 2004. The age was never along with the religions difference for them to be one. They are blessed with triplets.  According to Farah, she would like to have Shirish as her life partner not only for this but for many more births.

Archana Puransing Parmeet Shethi


Archana had already experienced what a marriage without understanding means and how it can affect life. Soon after her break up she met Parmeet in a friend’s place. According to Parmeet, he was flattened over the beauty and grace that Archana carries. Parmeet who is seven years younger to Archana says age has never come across as a barrier in keeping our love and relation intact. After having live-in relation for four years against the will of Parmeet’s parents they married to each other. Now they have completed the 20 years of relationship and still they love each other more than ever. According to Archana, If age had been the essential aspect of keeping a relations intact then there has never been the couples falling apart from each other having perfect age ratio as per society’s norms.

Anjali Mehta Sachin Tendulkar


One of the most successful celebrity couples, Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar got married in 1995 after dating for almost 5 years. Anjali is 6 years older than Sachin. She was a practicing Pediatrist when they met for the first time but after married to live a happy married life Anjali compromised her career she never repent for. According to Sachin, the age gap was never a matter of concern between them instead it increased the boding, commitment and understanding between them.

Adhuna Bhabani Farhan Akhtar


Former Director and now actor Arjun Rampal have completed their 14 years of togetherness. They got married in Year 2000. Adhuna is 6 years older than Farhan and above the odd their Hindu Muslim religion also has never been a problem to keep the relation committed and filled with love. Adhuna is Bengali (Hindu) and hairstylist by profession. However, they are now blessed with 2 lovely daughters as well.

Zarina Wahab Aditya Pancholi


Zarina and Aditya had completed 26 years of their successful marriage life. Zarina is 6 years older to Aditya, though the couple believes that their age difference is the blessing in disguise.  According to Zarina age has never come in between us as an issue ever and we have grown stronger bonds with each year going. They said their families have also agreed to and never resisted for the same.

Freida Pinto Dev Patel


Slumdog Millionaire fame, Freida Pinto (18-10-1984) and Dev Patel (23-04-1990) have been in lime light and gossips since at just the age of 18, Dev addressed Freida as his “soul mate” even before they started dating each other. Their relationship is in public since year 2009. They both are said to be engaged recently and planning to announce their wedding soon. Dev is six years younger to Freida. According to Freida “I really don’t know what was going in dev’s mind when he addressed her as his soul met in public, I guess he was right in a way; we are really the “soul mates”

Aishwarya Rai Abhishek Bachchan


Aishwarya and Abhishek said to have got in an arranged marriage relation however the speculations are that they were already in affection while shooting for “Dhai Akshar.Prem Ke.”Aishwrya who is 3 years older than Abhishek already had many complications to marry Abhishek however against all odds they tied the knot on 20-04-2007. When asked about the couple’s relationship, Aishwarya said, Every year since ever we have got married had brought us up with the pleasant surprises in our life, we are just hoping for the many more such felicitous years to come.

Mehr Jessia Arjum Rampal


Even after spending more than 15 years of relationship, the model and actor Arjun Rampal still commits of having the same intensity of affection and even more for his wife Mehr. They got married in 1998, when Arjun was struggling. According to Arjun, the credit for his success must go to his wife who has always been source of inspiration for him and stood by him in all the difficult situations of life. Arjun and Mehr are blessed with two daughters and still feel the same warmth and commitment for each other.

Namrata Shirodkar Mahesh Babu


Namrata Shirodkar former Miss India, model and actress is marred to south superstar Mahesh Babu who is 2 years younger to her. They have a son and a daughter and settled happily in Hyderabad. When asked about Mahesh, Namrata flaunted her thought,” He’s loving, caring and understanding. He believes in family values as strongly as I do. He’s very shy.” Further, on her quitting career she says,” Oh, it was He who didn’t want the work life. And practically, I feel if I have made a comeback work and life balance had been bit difficult, I’ve happy at home enjoying life and success of my husband (laughs)”

Nargis Sunil Dutt


One of the most talked about couples Nargis and Sunil Dutt akso fall in for each other from the shooting of the legendary movie “Mother India” where Sunil Dutt saved Nargis from fire on set in 1957. Sunil Dutt was one year younger to Nargis. They were the happily married couple until Nargis died of Cancer in 1981, Sunil Once Nargis wrote to Sunil Dutt, “Please don’t get angry if I die, because even if I die I’ll always be around you spiritually because I’m so much attached to you even death can’t take me away from you completely.




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